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Benefits of Fiberglass Windows

Are you thinking of changing your window frames? You might want to consider going in an entirely new direction that is less conventional but definitely has more benefits for you. Fiberglass window frames are slowly but surely taking their rightful place in the home and construction industry and this is primarily thanks to the great plethora of benefits that they bring. Compared to other framing materials, here are some of the benefits that put fiberglass at the top and why they might be your best option on so many levels.

Higher window to frame ratio. 

With fiberglass, it is much easier to have slimmer frames and mullions which translates to having even bigger windows. You get more natural light into the house and better functionality of the windows without compromising the strength and durability of the window frame.

Flexibility in design. 

There is no limit to the shape and size that you can cut fiber glass window frames into. Fiberglass windows give you more flexibility to bring your design dreams to life without compromising on the functionality of the window or the frame.

Superior thermal conductivity. 

Compared to aluminum or any other metal that is used for framing windows, aluminum has a thermal conductivity that is 800 times less. This makes it the perfect material for super insulating windows while preserving the life and performance of the window.

Low thermal expansion. 

Because of constant expansion and contraction, overtime, the structural integrity of a window is warped and will usually end up in small leaks. With fiberglass, this does not tend to be the case. The materials has very low thermal conductivity which means that it does not expand or contract as frequently. This way, the window is able to maintain its full performance longer and lasts longer as well.

Resists environmental damage. 

The benefits that fiberglass has to offer just keep coming. For instance, after having your current frames for quite some time, you might notice the corrosion that is usually caused by the salt air and high temperatures. Fiberglass window frames are resistant to such factors which allows them to last longer and keep their allure for longer periods as well. The end result is a better looking house with better insulation for a very long period of time.

You can make even bigger windows. 

A little known benefit about fiberglass window frames is the fact that they have a superior strength to weight ratio. At first, this might not seem like much but, when you want to have larger window openings, this could be a great determining factor since you do not want to affect the stability and the strength of the structure.

It is easy to see why you might be seeing a lot more window frames made out of fiberglass than aluminum. This is more the case considering that it will also save most homeowner plenty of money in terms of heating considering that it is a better insulator.


Best Window Replacement Network

There is a lot that goes into installing replacement windows. Unfortunately many people under estimate this task and hire an inexperienced “jack of all trades” to do it, or even worse, try to do it themselves. That’s why I always recommend hiring professional window installers to put in your replacement windows. By hiring professionals you are always ensured that your new windows are installed properly and you can get the most out of their energy efficiency. I found a great new website called the Best Window Replacement Network that recommends the best installers in different cities throughout the United States. Right now they are only servicing three cities in California but they plan to expand very soon. Here is a run down of each city they are currently servicing:

Window Replacement Los Angeles: Los Angeles is the first city Best Window Replacement Network chose to service. LA is California’s largest city and the second largest city in the United States with a population of 3,928,864 people. This is a very large market and the weather is great all year round to get some replacement windows in your home.

Window Replacement San Diego: San Diego is a great city that Best Window Replacement Network is proud to be servicing. San Diego is the second largest city in California and the eight largest city in the United States with a population of approximately 1,381,069 people. Like Los Angeles, San Diego has a very nice climate that lends itself very well to getting replacement windows all year round.

Window Replacement Sacramento: Sacramento is the third city Best Window Replacement Network has chosen to service as part of their service launch. Sacramento is the capital city of California and they are very proud to be servicing this market. Sacramento has a local populations of about 485,199 people, making it by far the smallest city they are servicing so far.

When speaking to Jacob Erling the founder of Best Window Replacement Network, he said “California was a good place to launch our website because there are many big cities in California that we can expand to.” he also said “the climate in California was also an additional reason we thought it would be a great place to launch.” To find out more about this service you can visit BestWindowReplacement.Net.


Benefits of Vinyl Windows

Vinyl windows have been around for several decades and their use has increased from a small segment of the replacement window market to the most preferred type of windows in the modern market. Before these windows gained popularity, the market was dominated by aluminum and wood frame windows. With time vinyl windows overtook wood and aluminum frame windows and became the champion to beat for various reasons. Here are the benefits of vinyl windows:

  • Energy Efficient

Vinyl windows provide superior thermal protection unlike aluminum and wooden windows. Modern vinyl models are designed with energy efficiency considerations such as low-e coating and multiple panes of glass

  • Great Insulation

One major benefit of these windows is high R-value. Most vinyl windows come in 3-pane versions which make them ideal for noise reduction. A quiet atmosphere is one of the first things that homeowners notice when vinyl windows are installed.

  • Multiple Aesthetic Selections

Vinyl windows are available in both vinyl-clad and all-vinyl selections. When you combine this with countless color and design choices, you get the best combination for your home’s interior and exterior décor.

  • Flexibility

Vinyl windows are an excellent choice for business and home owners. With standard, fixed pane and special shape selections, these are the windows of choice for any house. With all of the selections and versatility out there, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your home.

  • Low Environmental Impact

Vinyl windows outlast aluminum and wooden windows. In addition, they are recyclable which makes them ideal for a clean and green environment. In today’s world people need to consider how they are affecting the environment as much as they can.

  • Budget Friendly

If you are working with a tight budget and you need new windows, vinyl will be your best friend. Unlike fiberglass, aluminum and wood, vinyl is quite budget-friendly. Now before you jump up and say “cheap is expensive in the long run”, you need to know that here the price has nothing to do with quality. While the term “budget-friendly” puts people on edge, this rule does not apply to vinyl windows.

Vinyl windows are said to be cost effective because they have most of the characteristics of what homeowners look for in new windows including minimal upkeep. When properly installed, these windows require very little maintenance apart for an occasional cleaning. The windows do not fade, crack or peel. When you consider all the above benefits of vinyl windows, the long-term cost saving that occurs when you use these windows means they are an excellent return on your investment.


What Is Best Time of Year to Replace Windows

A house is only as good as the state of its windows and doors. Whether considered from the beauty or security point of view, a window remains one of the most essential parts of any house. Knowing when to replace the windows has never been a strong point of most people. Indeed, many people wrongly think that a window requires replacement only when it begins to show serious signs of wear and security breaches. Well, unknown to them, this is often rather too late, for windows ought to be renovated over set duration. This article takes a look at the best time of year to replace windows.
The best time of year to replace windows is during summer or spring. These seasons are favorable for window replacement due to various reasons. First, the weather in summer and spring is favorable for both the home owner and the service provider. The mild weather condition in these seasons ensures that the home owner can have their house serviced without being exposed. Picture what would happen if your bungalow had 5 windows and you chose to have all of them replaced in winter. What would follow is a freezing house which would pose serious health risks to your family. Again if the weather is so windy as is the case in fall, you would end up with a house filled with rubbish and dust blown in by the wind. A mild weather does not work in favor of the home owner alone. The contractors hired for window replacement benefit too, as they are able to perform a better task without having to brace the fury of the elements throughout the replacement procedure.
Another reason why you should replace your windows in summer is due to the fact that summer has longer days as compared to other times of the year. The importance of the length of day is that it provides you ample time to get the contractors. This means you can finish up a few chores in the house before finding these contractors, as the days are generally long and so are the business hours. In addition, it ensures that your work is completed over a shorter period of time as compared to other times of year. This is especially crucial to your security. Always remember that due to the expertise required in installation, some windows may take longer to install, thereby making the work spill over into the following day.
All in all, the decision to replace your window may not always be determined by the weather condition. At times, you may want to do it as an emergency measure. However, if there is no apparent reason necessitating the replacement, consider summer and spring the best time for window replacement.


Double Hung vs Single Hung Windows

When thinking of buying windows for your property, it’s very important that you consider the difference between single hung and double hung windows. These windows may appear similar, but they actually operate differently. Here are the differences between the two.

Double Hung vs Single Hung Windows

1. Structural difference

A double hung window consists of two separate sashes, a top sash and a bottom sash. The two sashes slide vertically in separate tracks to allow both sashes to be operated at the same time. The top sash can be fully opened, while the bottom one is fully closed. The bottom sash can also be opened fully, while the top sash is fully closed or both sashes can be opened halfway at the same time. In any of these configurations, the double hung window provides maximum opening of half the total window.

On the other hand, a single hung window consists of two separate sashes, but only one is movable. In most cases, only the lower sash is operable, so only the lower part of the window will open, while the top remains fixed.



A double hung offers ventilation flexibility. With this type of window, ventilation can be from the bottom sash, top sash, or a combination of both. The option to just open the top sash can be handy when you want to allow breezes to enter the room higher up or you just want to protect decorative items that can be blown off.

A singe hung doesn’t have the ventilation flexibility a double hang enjoys, as only one section is movable.



In the modern double-hung windows, the sashes not only slide up and down, but they also tilt inward so you can access the outside part of the glass from inside your house. This makes cleaning the interior and exterior easy, especially on upper floors where it is difficult to get to the windows from outside.

With single hung doors, cleaning the upper sash can be tough as it requires you to reach through the lower opening, especially if you’re cleaning from the inside of the house. While this may not be a problem if all your windows are on the ground floor, cleaning may become an issue if your house has multiple stories.


4.Air gaps

While many windows are manufactured to strict quality-control standards, air gaps or leakages are not uncommon. Single hung windows have fewer moving parts and, and therefore, less opportunity for leakage or air gaps. The fixed panel in the single hung is virtually airtight, which is not the case with double hung windows.



A single hung window has fewer moving parts and its overall design is simpler than that of a double-hung window. This means, single hung doors are easier to manufacture, which makes them cheaper.