Making Dry Aged Beef at Home

Home Made Dry Aged Beef

Some “Home Made” Dry Aged Beef

Today I am going to talk about a growing trend I see online which is how to make dry aged beef at home. Now as you know from my previous post Dry Aged Beef can be quite expensive and pricey. So because of this price point then it would make sense that the ability to make dry aged beef at home would be quite desirable. There are many tutorials and videos on the web that walk you step by step through the process. Now the whole process of dry aging beef at home is actually quite easy. First thing you need to do is obviously go out and buy whatever cut of meat you wish to put through the dry aging process, and of course the higher grade cut you use, the better end result you will get. Now what you are supposed to do is place the beef on a cooling rack and put it inside your refrigerator at about 38 degrees Fahrenheit. You should then leave the beef in there for about 10 day, but you need to make sure that you flip the beef everyday. Now what is the end result???? A sub-par Dry Aged Steak. Don’t get me wrong I still think that it taste better than a regular run of the mill steak, but it is nothing even close to one of those great steaks you’ve probably experienced at a high end steakhouse. You see the whole dry aging process is a catch-22. Do you think if it was this easy to make it at home that Dry Aged Beef would be so expensive? What you have to keep in my is that the reason companies like Debragga, LaFrieda, an Allen Brothers can charge so much is because they are the best at what they do. They have people working for them that Dry Age Beef all day everyday. So yea its a little expensive, but like anything else you get what you pay for.


My First Dry Aged Steak

first dry aged steak

Big Juicy Steak Ready To Go

Hey how’s it going? So If any of you have read my About Me page you would know that as crazy as a dry aged beef fanatic I am, I have gone most of my life without even tasting it. It wasn’t until I was at a friends house for a dinner party that I had finally tried it for the first time. I’ll never forget my first time biting into that steak, I knew there was something different about it within that first second. The beef was so much more tender and the flavor… there was so much more flavor it was ridiculous. I remember freaking out, asking my friend where the hell he got that steak from. At first my buddy was trying to avoid answering the question, like he wanted to be the only one in our group to have those amazing steaks, and then he could hang it over everyones heads so we were forced to go to his dinner parties effectively landing him the role within the group as ring leader or I have a deeply paranoid mind and I just made that all up in my head. Either way I was able to beat the answer out of him (not literally) and I found out where he got those amazing dry aged steaks from. Now this shouldn’t be a surprise to any of you, but surely enough he is the one who put me onto Debragga. Now I’ve tried other places but for some reason I always end up going to Debragga. Maybe its because I know they are in New York City and so am I, but I also do feel that they genuinely do have the best stuff out there to offer. Come back and check out my next post on how to make Dry Aged Beef at home.

Dry Aged Beef for the Holiday Season

dry aged steak party

Some very classy people enjoying a very classy meal

In my last post I explained to you the greatness of Dry Aged Beef. For those of you that were unfamiliar, I explained the process that is involved in creating the beef, and why this makes the steaks that come out at the end of this process so valuable. Well now that you know the basics of what dry aged beef is, you can imagine how impressive it might be to serve this great meal to some dinner guests. I wanted to make my next post about dry aging beef at home, but I decided to write about how to truly woo your house guests instead. You see, the reason I bring this up now is because the holiday season is right around the corner, which means its open season for your mother, your aunt, your wife, and your sister to all have an unspoken competition as to who is making the best meals for the yearly family get togethers. Now it should be obvious what I’m getting at by now… three words will have you taking home the victory and your house guests salivating in eager anticipation around this time next year… DRY AGED BEEF.  And believe me, I’m not the only one that thinks this is a great idea, Forbes even has multiple articles discussing the deliciousness of steaks brought through the dry aging process. In the article I linked to Forbes writer Larry Olmsted discusses what some of the best holiday gift ideas are for “foodies”. In my opinion everyone is secretly a “foodie” deep down inside and not a single house guest will dislike your dry aged steaks (unless they are a condescending vegetarian hipster, in which case I am sorry, I cannot help you.)

What is Dry Aged Beef?

dry aged beef

A prime example of some delicious steak.

Many people consider Dry Aged Beef to be the best of the best when it comes to steak. This is because there is a long time-consuming and costly process to Dry Aging these steaks before they even come close to being on your dinner plate. There are two characteristics of these dry age steaks which make them so delicious, first they have a higher level of beefy taste and flavor, and second the beef is much more tender. This is achieved by having the beef either hung or placed on a rack to dry for several weeks. Only the highest grades of beef cuts can go through the dry aging process, due to the fact that the beef needs a large and evenly distributed fat content. While going through the dry aging process moisture is evaporated from the muscle and the connective tissue in the muscle is broken down by the beefs natural enzymes. Certain fungal species also grow on the external surface of the meat throughout the dry aging process. This ends up creating a crust on the surface of the meat, which is cut off while being prepared for cooking, and does not create any spoilage. Throughout the entire dry aging process a third or more of the beefs weight is lost as moisture and the process can typically take anywhere from 15 to 28 days. Dry aged beef is of scarce availability outside of your typical high-end steakhouse. Because of lengthy and expensive dry aging process this beef is not found at supermarkets or your typical grocery store. If you do desire to have some dry aged beef at home, then your best choice is to order some from Debragga. They specialize in making the most delicious dry aged beef that is made right and have a long history of selling their beef to the highest end restaurants in the country. If you want to truly impress dinner guests this holiday season, go to and order yourself some tender dry aged steaks that are filled with flavor.